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A place to post icons/graphics if you're a fan of Fall Out Boy. Open membership, just don't harrass it.

-» The rules are easy. Make sure it has something to do with Fall Out Boy ( icons must relate back to the music or the guys -- for example you can throw in a picture of a shamrock with `I wouldn't piss to put you out` on it or whatever floats your boat ).
-» LJ-Cuts for more than four icons, or more than one friends only banner or other big graphic.
-» Don't be a jerk, be considerate of others and realize even if you don't like their icons, they took time to make. If you can take the time to criticize, you can take the time to do it yourself.
-» No porn or full-frontal nudity or anything unless I see on the official site that they posed bare-ass naked for Playgirl. Do I doubt that happening? Very much so. Anyway...
-» Some of you kids have pairing icons, feel free to post those too, even if one member of the pairing isn't in the band.
-» NO ADS IF THEY DON'T HAVE TO DO WITH THE BAND. Obviously feel free to advertise any fall out boy related communities, but if I see any ads for rating communities, etc, your post will be deleted. Do it again and get banned.
-» If someone asks for you to credit them, DO IT. It's the artist's creation, you have no place to say whether or not you should credit the creator.
-» Also, the official contest maker is girlleastlikely. If you have an idea for a contest, feel free to contact her!

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